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112 22nd St.
San Pedro, California 90731


It is in the details...that something that will set you apart. I believe that accessories are essential to this end, they take you to the place that reveals your style, your beauty, your sense of independence. That place where you flow with life.

Nagare is accessories. Jewelry to adorn with earrings that drip "beautiful", necklaces that behold the eyes, bracelets so powerful it's like your a Wonder Woman. And then there is the Knit Wear, a celebration of color and texture, reflecting journeys to the unknown...wraps to envelope and embrace, handbags with lots of room for lipstick and rouge, and then of course scarves, hats, and fingerless gloves that ever so subtly accentuate your individual style.

Nagare is a Japanese word with the meaning "to flow with life"...Like water falling from the heavens into the earth and rivers and oceans then rising up again, to the stars, reborn...continually flowing with life. 

Nagare Gallery of Previous Designs

Welcome to the Nagare Gallery of Previous Designs, accessories that have entered into their next adventure.

Items that have been sold are marked as so in the title and are no longer available. There are some items out on consignment and may be available if they are still in their venue so please inquire if you are interested.

SOLD Sea Glass Style

earrigns green long seaglass with chain and flower.jpg
earrigns green long seaglass with chain and flower.jpg

SOLD Sea Glass Style


No longer available. 

This feminine, organic shape is so pretty in frosted, cultured sea glass. Copper color Czech glass flowers, rubbed with a patina glaze, dance at the end of gold chains creating a wonderful energy and a lot of smiles. Transparent glass beads hang just below the ear. So beautiful.

These earrings measure 2" from the loop on earring wires. 

Cultured sea glass is created from recycled glass to be shaped for matching earrings and other jewelry design.   

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